Meetings start at 7:30 and are held on a Tuesday in the Garway Community Centre


21 September.  Heather Hurley & Rosanna Scudamore Watts: ‘Kentchurch Court and the Scudamores’.

Archives, portraits, letters & journals are explored to take a new look at the family’s history from 1790 to the great flood of 1959.

19 October.  Malcolm Watkins: ‘Boil a Mouse in Urine – the care of infants in Tudor times’.

Following a successful reopening of our monthly meetings, this month Malcolm Watkins will be describing the care of infants in Tudor and Stuart times -- the title of his talk is the first part of an old remedy for a childcare problem. Mr Watkins’ explanation of how children were brought into the world and cared for in infancy during those times has proved popular and enjoyable to both men and women, provoking discussion and laughter as much as shock and horror.