Listed below are summaries of meetings organised by the GHG now held in the new Community Centre.

Meetings start at 7:30 and are held in the Garway Community Centre


17 September     David Whitehead: ‘The Black Death in Herefordshire’. The late 14th century saw nearly half Herefordshire’s population dead from the plague.  Intriguing archaeological and historical evidence reveals the impact on the county’s social structure.


15 October   Tim Hoverd: ‘The Iron Age in Herefordshire’. Why and when were Herefordshire’s hill forts developed? Why did they fall into disuse leaving only post holes and pottery fragments? Myths and legends considered and challenged.


19 November     Peter Ford: ‘Herbert Armstrong: Murder or Miscarriage?’ In 1921, Armstrong became the only solicitor ever to be hanged for murder in the UK.  Whether he was guilty or not, the story behind his wife’s death will be closely examined.


17 December     Don Balkwill:  ‘Forgotten Gadgets’. Guess the use and identity of yesterday’s tools and appliances. Don will bring some examples; bring your own too.  Followed by GHG’s Annual Bring and Share Christmas Party.



21 January     Tony Usher: ‘From Roman Roads to Railways: Connecting People in Herefordshire. Transport networks shaped the fortunes of Herefordshire.  From Roman roads, medieval trackways, river navigations, turnpikes, canals and tramways to Victorian steam engines.


18 February    CANCELLED  Dr Ann Benson: ‘Raglan Castle: a Renaissance Palace of National Importance’ More palace than castle, knot gardens, bowling green terraces, lake, moat and water parterre are digitally recreated in this beautifully illustrated talk.


17 March    Heather Hurley & Rosanna Scudamore Watts: ‘Kentchurch Court and the Scudamores. Archives, portraits, letters and journals are explored to take a new look at the family’s history between 1790 and the great flood of 1959. 


21 April     Malcolm Watkins:  ‘Boil a mouse in urine – the care of infants in Tudor times’. A consideration of the Tudor and Stuarts’ approach to birth and child care that will provoke shock, horror, laughter and discussion.  This illustrated talk will follow a very short AGM.