Listed below are summaries of meetings organised by the GHG.

Meetings with Talks from invited speakers are held at Garway Village Hall on the third Tuesday of each month from September through to April.

Meetings start at 7:30.


Tuesday 19 September 2017

Rotherwas House and Park

A fascinating talk by Christopher Over about the now-demolished Rotherwas House and the Bodenham family, their staff and the surrounding park from 1400 to 1920


 Tuesday  17 October 2017

The Little Book of Hereford

David J. Vaughan Author and local historian Vaughan describes the people, heritage, secrets and enduring fascination of Herefordshire, based on his recently published book about the county.


Tuesday 21 November 2017

The Severn Ferry Crossing at Aust

 By Tim Ryan. The speaker traces the history of the Severn Queen, the Severn King and the Severn Princess, ferries that enabled vehicles to cross the River Severn from Beachley to Aust from 1931 to 1966.


Tuesday 19 December 2017 (Christmas party)

Forgotten Gadgets

By Don Balkwill author of a book by the same name, Don Balkwill presents a number of old household and country gadgets from years past and invites participants to identify them. After he then describes their functions,  there follows the annual bring-and-share Christmas party.


Tuesday 16 January 2018

A History of Troy House

Writer/lecturer Dr Ann Benson on the architectural history of Troy House, including previously unrecorded historical features. The house, pleasure gardens, walled garden, farm and parkland comprise a rare surviving example of a complete Tudor estate with Jacobean and Carolean aggrandisement.


Tuesday 20 February 2018

Jonathan Harrington: ‘A Brief History of Agriculture in the Herefordshire-Welsh Borders’

Dr Harrington, a biologist specialising in crop technologies and also a farmer, will focus on the area around south-west Herefordshire/south-east Wales.


Tuesday 20 March 2018

Stuart Wilson: ‘Trellech: the Forgotten City’

Update on the ‘Lost City of Trellech’ archaeological project, which has been run by Stuart Wilson and volunteers every summer since 2002. Results to date have revealed the remains of a sprawling medieval city on the outskirts of the present-day village.


Tuesday 17 April 2018

The venue for this meeting is the new Community Centre which is about 40 yds away on the otherside of the road.

Steve Edwards: ‘Turnastone Meadows: Rowland Vaughan & his 17th-Century   Water Meadows Project’

Rowland Vaughan lived at Vowchurch between about 1580 and 1615. He experimented with moving water over graded land in order to produce more reliable hay crops and early grass, and in 1610 published his book Most Approved and Long Experienced Water Works, regarded as the first clear, detailed reference to water meadows in England. This talk follows a very short AGM.