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DO YOU REMEMBER?  Memories of Garway and the surrounding area. by Joan Fleming-Yates (Published 2012, 102 pages, illustrated, £6.95)

This book covers a variety of subjects spanning more than a hundred years, from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, Garway School, the village shops and the Doctor’s surgery. Also included is ‘A Letter from Emma’ which gives a fascinating glimpse of local life in the early 20th century as seen by an American lady whose parents were married in Monmouth.


GARWAY HILL THROUGH THE AGES  Compiled and edited by Joan and Brian Thomas (Published 2007, 166 pages, illustrated, £10)

A book describing the history and archaeology of Garway Hill common and the surrounding area from early times until the present day. Chapters are included which cover farming in the area of the hill and White Rocks, flora and fauna, the ever changing mix of shops and pubs around the hill, the provision of local bus services and stories and legends attached to the hill.


THE RIVER RUNNING BY  An Historical Journey Through the Monnow Valley, by Joan Fleming-Yates (Published 2005, 235pages, illustrated, £10)

The river Monnow flows from the Black Mountains on its way to join the river Wye at Monmouth. Alongside the river are nineteen parishes, some in England, some in Wales. Because the river Monnow is the border between England and Wales it has had a special importance locally. From the time of the ancient Kingdom of Archenfield the English and Welsh influence has been felt. The 17th and 18th centuries were very troubled in the valley with the persecution of the Catholics. The book, which is fully illustrated, also tells the stories of what might have happened if the plans to make the river Monnow navigable, to improve the toll road system and finally to extend the Golden Valley Railway through the valley had come to fruition.