Conducting excavationsThe survey and subsequent dig described in this report formed part of a pilot study for The Community Commons Project operated by Herefordshire Nature Trust. A rapid walk-over survey was carried out in early 2006 on Garway Hill to identify any features of archeological interest. A hand held Global Positioning System was used to record the location of the features encountered. This survey proved to be extremely fruitful, with features being recorded within the Common that would illustrate the intensive use of the land resource through the prehistoric, medieval, post-medieval and modern periods, e.g. quarries, lynchets, earthworks, settlement features, and hollow ways. The complex remains of medieval field systems and their relation to a possible prehistoric settlement site within the south east of the common were recorded as was intensive quarrying relating to post-medieval activity. In June 2006 local volunteers excavated the most obvious archaeolgical feature- the bank and ditch enclosure near the top of the hill which is indicated on Ordnance Survey maps and is clearly visible from the air.